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Elite Maternity Concierge is here to provide you and your family expert care, education, and support in pre-conception, during pregnancy, with creating a birth plan, labor & delivery, emergency C-section, natural birth, birth with pain management, post-partum blues, lactation, caring for babies with colic, and more.  

For high-risk moms, we will develop a specialized package for your pregnancy related complications such as gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, and more. 

We have resources to assist you with finding the best obstetric provider for YOU!  We also have a network filled with SW Florida's finest business that can provide you with additional services you desire, including Pregnancy Massage Therapists, Photographers that specialize in Maternity and Newborn Photo Sessions, Baby Shower & Gender Reveal Party Planners, DJs, Caterers, Pregnancy & Birth Announcements Designers too. EMC is your One-Stop Concierge Service!

 When you select Elite Maternity Concierge you will get expert care through your pregnancy, during birth, and beyond delivery.

Founder & CEO


I am a native Floridian that started from humble beginnings. As the youngest of 5 beautiful children to Haitian Immigrant parents, I was the baby and only girl. My interest in the well-being of pregnant women began long before I knew it was an actual field of study. My childhood is filled with fond memories of helping pregnant relatives and of babysitting younger cousins at any opportunity that presented itself.  My passion with childbirth and pregnancy only grew when I became a mother for the first time in 2003.  Since then I've had 2 more children of which both pregnancies were high risk. I was put on bedrest at 13 weeks gestation with my second child, and at 8 weeks gestation with my 3rd child. Having lived through two difficult pregnancies and miscarriages in-between, I soon discovered that there is little to no help for expectant mothers beyond the hospital or clinic.  My last two pregnancies were filled with varying complications that were preventable.  It was at that point in time that the millennial doula concept was created and Elite Maternity Concierge was birthed!


Expectant moms deserve a variety of professional care than what is currently available. With experience of over 12 years in the healthcare industry and having assisted many family and friends through pregnancies, birth, and in-home help post-partum, I have launched Elite Maternity Concierge to provide extra care to expectant moms and their families.