What is a Doula?

Doula is a Greek word meaning “women who serves”. Although it is one of the first professions known to mankind, doulas are often underestimated and undervalued in some communities. However, within the past 15 years there has been an upward shift in this industry. This spark has not gone unnoticed by our government. As a response to the growing need of more doulas to serve in our communities, healthcare reform allowed for an expansion in coverage that in some cases will not only cover, but offer more support for the expecting family in addition to their traditional provider.

Doula vs Midwife vs OB/GYN


Doulas are individuals that are trained through, seminars, hands-on, or online in the art of child birth. Some doulas take further training to be able to support women through post-partum, baby/infant care, and even with breastfeeding. doulas range for various backgrounds, some can be licensed medical providers, laypersons with a special interest in helping women give birth, or mothers who are fascinated with the miracle of life and begin to help other women as well.

Midwife/CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife)

Midwives are nurses that obtain master degrees in advance practice and/or certification in midwifery. This means that they are nurses, that return to school, either-campus, blending learning, or online to advance their training and education in nursing then specialize in women's health and childbirth.


Obstetricians and Gynecologist are medical doctors who specialize in women's health and obstetrics. 

Why do I need a doula?

Doulas are a great resource of information, resources, and offer hands-on care throughout your pregnancy. They can be available to you long after your doctor's office is closed. There are no "stupid" questions. They love to answer any and all questions clients may have pertaining to their pregnancy. Doulas are your support person, they can help guide you through your pregnancy offering real-time assistance with non-medical things, such as assisting you at home to providing transportation as your pregnancy progress and/or at your request. They even make house calls.

Doulas offer individualized, professional, and compassionate care, its our specialty. 


"I don't know how I could have done this without you by my side pushing me through this delivery."

-Client, 1st Time Mom

"You did all the work for me."

-L & D Nurse

"Where were you when I had my first two kids?"

-Client, Mom of 3